Step 1: To have premium quality of fabrics

XL chart

Step 2: To have professional Design & Cutting

Step 3: To have quality sewing

Sewing with detailing

Sewing with detailing

Step 4:  To have QC (Quality Control) process

Check for the quality

Check for the quality


How to have quality of fabrics?

To buy fabrics from a experience, reputable and trusted supplier.

How to have professional Design & Cutting?

To work with professional designer those who are creative, experience and always aware the market latest trend in related industry. (This will make sure your products are trendy and comfortable while wearing)

How to have quality sewing?

To work with a responsible, experience and technical strong in sewing machine’s factory (Different type of fabrics need different type of machine and technique to sew, The machine need to adjust from time-to-time for different type of fabric sew. Better not all-in-one sewing machine). This can see the significant different of the sewing quality of your finish products.

How to have QC (Quality Control) process?

To work with a experience, responsible and reliable factory who having the Quality Control (QC) department. This can minimize the defective product to be deliver to your customer and maintain your business reputation.


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